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Our Service Options:
You can specify your pick-up and delivery requirements to each specific shipment and/or consolidation, such as: Door-to-door Port-to-port Door-to-port Port-to-door

We offer Customs clearance for all types of shipments at all Major Air ports & Sea ports as we have vast experience. Our well educated staffs have expertise in local conditions, rules and regulations. With this knowledge we take on the complete administration process smoothly and efficiently.


  • Under free shipping bill
  • Under claim for duty drawback. (All industry rate / brand rate) of dutiable goods
  • Under DEPB shipping bill (duty exemption pass book)
  • Under EPCG (export promotion capital goods)
  • For E.O.U/ EPZ / STP / EHTP
  • Co-ordination with various authorities such as inspection agencies, consulates, quota authorities insurance companies etc.
  • Securing export benefits on behalf of shippers


  • Routine shipment, Home consumption (Duty paid)
  • In-Bond/Ex-Bond shipment
  • DEPB / EPCG / DFCEC / advance license shipments
  • 100% EOU / STPI / SEZ / TP for ships spare-parts / R&D certificate / pass book scheme
  • Project import clearance
  • Re-import after repairs / exhibition
  • High seas sale shipment clearance
  • ATA carnet clearance
  • Second hand capital goods
  • Free-of-charges shipments
  • Courier clearance